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Team Profile


Nikko Quiogue

Senior Lead Photographer - Rock’n Hot Leader

He’s rocking hard to please; it lies within the truth that he was never easy to himself as well when it comes to his art and passion. He’s all out. Enthusiastic, Creative, Restless. Nikko has always been a dreamer and has this unyielding determination of a once without-nothing little boy who strive to be one of the best. And he’s a genuine paradox too… because oftentimes he just wanna lie down, relax, eat, travel and YOLO!!!

Last 2014, this guy made one of the toughest decisions, to call the shots, take all the considerations, leave all what he worked hard for, stand in and make the big move of making a new brand. That’s where NQ all started – Risk, Courage, Passion, Dream. That is why we are all here.


Nikk Victoriano

Senior Lead Photographer

Nikk is one of NQ’s lead senior photographers who came from a family of artists.

He is a hardworking man, who’s supportive of NQ’s goals and always strives to be a master of his craft.

If Hollywood has it’s own man of focus in John Wick’s name. He’s our very own JOHN NIKK. Aside from the resemblance to the actor of his definite moves, indomitable will and confidence, he is our own man of focus who never lets negativity get in his way of life. He’s honed by experience to his 10 years in photography.

He loves stars, Hong Kong and Anna.


Carlo Pilongo

Senior Photographer - Cat Daddy

Carlo is very passionate on what he does. He’s the hardworking cool guy with a little bit of everything! From guitars, photography, videography, graphics, basketball, anime, tamiya, beyblade… all down to cats! His positive mind and attitude extends to the team even on his “ngarag moment” during reception time.

Carlo is considered the “best find” from the previous “The NQ Experience”, an application to be the next NQ member we launch online. Fast learner, steadfast, dedicated and a badass tear-jerking onsite-editor!


Darrell Baet

Senior Lead Photographer - The Corporate Stunner

Just like his surname, yes! He is all that, Kind! He was never loud until you get close to him. Nevertheless, you’ll have a taste of his infamous “Book of Jokes” if you get to know him better! Aside from photography his passion extends to business and career. However, despite his busy sched, he was never boring! He actually loves to travel, read random articles, biking, watch anime and play online games.


Jamel Ara Pasilan

Senior Photographer - Charming Sweetheart

You’ll be surprised where she gets the shot or how she was able to capture the moment – one characteristic of an NQ photographer. A good critique. Despite the occasionally restrained and active directions, she knows exactly what style and shots are needed.

Handles everything with care, definitely knows what a client deserves. If Nikko is formal and strict – Ara is light, happy and easy. She dreams big and gives her everything for this team. Dreaming along with the team, believing that this will be all worth it.


Alberto Duran

Junior Photographer / Prod. Asst. - Young Enthusiast

Abet is the youngest member of the team. His story with NQ team started two years ago when he was just 19 years old. Recommended by his brother to replace him, he was shy and reserved back then. Nikko trained him from scratch into a dynamic Abet version 2.0!

This young and free-minded game player loves to spend time dating his love ones! He’s strengths focus on being attentive, organize, resourceful and fun! Surely one of NQ’s achievements!


Kim Victoria

Production Assistant - Sweet Lover

Kim can be anything, assistant, light man, driver or even a sweet lover! This comedic man is surely love by many NQ brides because of his unique charm and appeal! He’s easy to be with and you will never go wrong with his loyalty!