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This wedding is not just about two people who’s about to get married, it is also about the people they love, their families and friends who were all deeply happy for them. We love weddings full of emotions and passion and this, is surely one of those. More than the composition which we are proudly good at, real emotions give soul to our photos.

Pictorials are tiring. Group shots and hardly done especially when it has complicated poses and more number of people, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve been to a lot of weddings but there are only few to remember how the entourage fight and stand for a group shot to have a better shot… even if it’s raining. It’s a shot for the couple for the couple to keep. It’s a shot should worth remembering. So we really put our best and hardwork for every grand group shot we post. And they did. Gelo and Pao’s entourage really did a great job, and it was very overwhelming on our part. We are proud of them. What more can we say, just scroll down and see it yourself how wonderful Gelo and Pao’s wedding is.